Andrese Lavonne Flowers, born in Columbus Ohio 1989. Currently resides in Dayton Ohio, where she attended Wright State University and received her BFA in Art Education and Photography. Photography has allowed Andrese to grow by allowing her to express herself through her art. People viewing her artwork will walk away feeling her work is relatable, reflective, and shares an emotional connection. Andrese desires her own Art Gallery/ Studio geared towards helping teenage youth and recent graduates showcase their work after undergrad.

“To me art is a way of life. I am very introverted and I used art as a way to make sense of the world. When I decided to major in Art we were required to explore all mediums and that is when I was introduced to photography as a fine art. I immediately fell in love. I enjoy processing my film. I feel like I have less control with film, and it enhances my focus. I have to trust myself more. I feel like my work is evolving and becoming more personal because I use my work to help me discover myself. Art should inspire, it should provoke, it should make you wonder, so all those aspects of myself that I typically reserve, are exploited through my work. My influences include Robert Mapplethorpe, Carrie Mae Weems and Larry Fink.”- Andrese Lavonne

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